Saturday, 15 May 2010

Feeling FAT

I'm really feeling sooo FAT lately. Have been eating much despite the timing. Not to say calories, I cant be arsed. Food fascinates me =) thats the fact. I can eat and eat a lot. Not picky on food...thats definitely the reason for gaining weight. Looking in the mirror in any clothes would always urge me to lose weight. However, when the food is served I'd tend to forget everything... Apparently, food in Manchester are nice and tempting. I've been learning to cook so there's not reason to not eat =p

But there are times when I don't eat properly. It happens when uni work bombard me with loads of submissions due. I don't see myself lose weight though... There're quite a few pants which I found I cant fit into no more. Can I work it out to fix it anytime soon?lol

Friday, 14 May 2010

Who Am I - Casting Crown

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Final Project Submission Tomorrow

Just got back from uni library about half an hour ago. Was browsing nets and read a friend's blog, realised I haven updated mine for a while. Remember the last update was in winter, and its now spring and summer is approaching. Hmm~weather suppose to be warmer. But it become cold again lately for some reasons. I like it though as the day is longer, sky turns dark at about 9ish.

Uni work makes me a busy bee, always...[excuses?] =p was in the library since morning. Was a long day through, am knackered. Well, gonna have a quick bite and head to bed as soon...