Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New York City

After checked in at the hostel at 5pm. I attempted to make my time worthwhile before I had to hit on Washington the next day. It was less than half a day spent in NYC. So I went on the subway, got off at Christopher St, just for the lip-smacking burger at Shake Shack. I was in the queue for more than 1hour. I was told it would be the same situation despite the weather and timing, imagine the tastiness. You don't want to leave NY without eating it.

Daylight in the queue, 6ishpm.

Sky turned dark when I sat down eating my food.

It was more than ready to explore the city after I stuffed myself with delicious meal. I sauntered along times square. New York times square thrills me with its spectacular illumination. Due to insufficient time, I didn't manage to run after other attractions. Plainly walking on the street, feeling the horde of people, sound of music lost in the hubbub, tremendous gleaming LCD screen parallel between the right and left of the street, had totally drenched me in amazement.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Here It Kicks Off

1hour of nap before I left home at 4am. Im now all set at the airport, ready to experience the vibrancy, magnitude and quirkiness of one of the most manic city in the world. NYC, here I come! ;D

Friday, 26 August 2011

I am Who I am

Its easier to say than to do but why too often do we live life to please the others and subconsciously losing our own individuality? I wonder if its the ego, pride that we pursue or low-self esteem that we can't get over, which make us want to change ourselves so we could blend better into the society, community or congregation? Some people believe the society should be inspired to be more like them whilst some may dwell on their past to indulge in self-pity. I believed every person is a distinctive masterpiece of God, we are meant for great wills. Let bygones be bygones, we ought to know that we are not defined by criticism, past, mistakes circumstances, even gloriousness. Humanity is not perfect in any way. The perfection of imperfection in us simply reflects the uniqueness just as the way we are meant to be, there is no need to try so hard and fake out the character we dont own. Nobody efforts to play another person's role as well as oneself would do. Be a person who God wants you to be. I'm still learning to dance as if no one's watching and sing as if no one's listening. I live my life like nobody but myself. All in all, without Christ, I am nothing.

All kinds of people make a world. Winsome one like you is here to make it whole. Be free to live, give and love. Be blessed:))

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thanks For The Lovely Scarf

I've finally wore it after ages Pei given it to me before I left Kuching.
Its such a thoughtful gift. Lovely one, thanks againxxx